Why I Wrote My Memoir

When I started writing what eventually became Turning This Thing Around, I had no plans of ever publishing it. I was writing for myself, for my own sanity. I was in the midst of a relationship with a young woman who was suffering terribly with bipolar depression. She was adamant that no one know what was going on.

I found myself slipping away quite a bit myself and I knew I couldn’t keep everything bottled up inside. Not wanting to betray her trust and talk to anyone about it, I started writing. It was my therapy, before I actually sought out a professional therapist.

Looking back, I believe therapy, meditation and writing saved me. Despite these coping tools, I was dangerously close to a complete nervous breakdown. Very early on, the story seemed to write itself. It  quickly became  evident to me that others might benefit from what I was writing. I felt people could relate to at least some of what I was going through: heartbreak, depression, chronic pain, frustration…

What started as a very personal diary evolved into something I want to share with others. I have gotten so many replies from people that relate and share their own stories with me; it’s inspiring! We’re all in this together!!

3 comments on “Why I Wrote My Memoir

  1. Keith – I’m so glad you wrote this all down. Glad you got all the replies you did, because that means you are on to something and you can help so many people just by being honest about yourself. Yes – we can all relate to heartbreak and depression. I too believe it’s your mission in life to write. 🙂 I feel the same way about me – I’m writing a rather funny book about my cancer experience. God is good, and I want to dispel a lot of fear people have about cancer. Debb

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